Be Happy with Your Body: Self Esteem that counts

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Be Happy With Your Body

You must love your body at any age and measure your happiness not by your waist size but by the sheer size of your life.  We can be our own worst critic when it comes to not liking our body shape or size.  We should also be conscious of not commenting negatively or passing judgment on appearances of others.  Instead, talk about muscle size and focus on enlarging your life instead of narrowing your frame.  The scale isn’t going to signify how you feel.  When you focus primarily on your size your life will shrink.  This is the only life and body you have so really revel in both.  The bottom line is you do your best and try to be consistent.  Make small changes matter as it’s not all or nothing.  Anytime you can move in the right direction, even the slightest bit, makes a big difference.

Try to consciously feel your strength and become in charge of your body.  Adopt a healthy diet, exercise, reduce stress and sleep seven to eight hours nightly.  Keep good company and join a fitness group which can attribute to your success and have positive effects with a group setting. If you need to meet new people take CPR, it’s always something that you can talk about and you suddenly become the most valuable person around.  Most people reach a turning point at some point in their life and decide they need to feel better about their health and lifestyle.  If you’re new to exercising, opt for a group weight loss, exercise program instead of going it alone.   Slow down and eat mindfully and you will enjoy food more and eat smaller portions and struggle with fewer food cravings.  Incorporate small changes into your life and eventually you will start to feel better.  Swap out sweets and starchy carbs for vegetables and lean proteins.  Feel grateful for the chance to indulge rather than feeling guilty for doing so.

Once you have a routine in place you will feel the benefits of working out.  It will become a routine habit and you will automatically stay focused on eating healthier, changing your lifestyle and become satisfied with your own body.  The things we can do with our lives by eating healthy and exercising are what gives life meaning.  Keep rejuvenating your body indefinitely.  You can overcome any obstacle with the right attitude.  Use your brain just like you’re using your muscles to make a lifestyle change as something you love and have a passion for.  Your body and brain are very much like machines that can be reprogrammed.

Find your balance in life and learn to be happy with your body.  Changes in the body change the mind, which changes behavior.  This virtuous mindset ultimately changes the body’s shape and size.  Thinking differently can mean acknowledging that you’re human.  Sometimes you may go to that dark place of self-criticism or overeat from time to time but having a healthy lifestyle in place will increase focus and promote self-awareness.  Increase your mindfulness and make it easier to stay tuned the rest of the day and feel good about yourself.  The real secret to being happy with your body is faith, hope, courage and huge dollop of attitude.

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