About Edna

Hi my name is Edna March and I grew up in extremely poverished conditions. Unfortunately there were not a lot of options for me should I have remained in the place where I grew up. You might ask how did I get the name Edna March? Well the truth is that Edna March is my real name.  It’s my pen name. I want a confidential site and a way to make sure that I hide the names of my friends and my real name just to make sure that I don’t say something that I shouldn’t.

The truth is that many women are up against unbelievable odds in order to make it in this world today. And a huge amount of them lack the resources to change their options. When you survey the world on a global scale, women often can be forced into taking on careers, jobs, or other related activities that really were never suitable for them to begin with.

I remember a conversation I had with the Brazilian female doctor one day. She told me that many people in her country are very poor. Women especially are considered second-class and often good for only one thing. 🙁  She said that it is very hard for women like this to get ahead. So, naturally I asked her what she would do if you had found herself impoverished.

She responded that she would’ve gone and worked as a housekeeper somewhere and saved her money. After she got some money together she would have continued her education, and used that education to move into a better career. The funny part about that as I mentioned to her was that she is the only one that has seen the world from the air. Do not know what I mean by that?

What I mean is that if you have been up in the air in an airplane and you can see the landscape and you have an idea of where everything is situated. It gives you this Birdseye view that enables you to navigate a course that would lift you up to a whole new level. However, if you have always been confined to the ground you may not realize that any of that exists.

So, it maybe unfair to simply say this is what I would do. There are often life circumstances that can thwart the whole thing like getting pregnant for example. That is why I use the same for this website by the way.

This site is a place for young woman to be exposed to some perspectives that they may not have around them that is from the people living around them (circle of influence). These are perspectives that I wish I would’ve had when I was a young woman.

I hope to share as many as I can with you.

Signing off for now….

Edna 😉